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Oh, the irony!

fashion punk
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This community is for the discussion of punks most hated tumor, fashion.

Leather jackets, spikes and studs, vegan alternatives, boots, plaids... everything punk-apparel related is good. You can post shit you want to sell or trade, what you wore today, items you're looking for, asking for advice, just showing off how hot and punk you are, showing off how ugly you are, pictures of you rolling around in your own vomit, punk drawings and art- it's all cool.

There will be no arguments about what punk is, who's punker than who and that pointless shit. If you try to pull that crap, you'll be banned so fast your nipples will burst into flames. I mean it.

If you look like Avril Lavigne, you will be severely mocked.

Also, nazi punks fuck off and keep your fascist bullshit out of here. Take a cue from Hitler and kill yourselves.
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